Saturday, March 27, 2010

Have u ever

Have u ever felt that ur not too confident enough?
Have u ever felt that u tried so hard?
Have u ever tried ur best and yet you go unnoticed?
Have u ever feel pain inside?
Have u ever thought that people take u for granted?
Have u ever taste shit?
Well, get use to it.Cause life is so full of it :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Estoy en casa

Im home :)
HAHA.Im so very happy to be out from that shithole.
U av no idea what its like to be staying in UiTM Perak during the weekends.
Its crazy.All u could do is sleep ur ass off till evening.
U'll be stressed out.Smoking two or three packets of cigarettes a day.
What a waste of money.HAHA
Itll be worse if all ur roomates went home.
U'll be staying in the room all by urself.All numb n blur.Wondering what kind of shit will happen today.
Locked up from the outside world.Its scary as shit.
Im thankful for my friends there.All i look forward into going back there is seeing them.HAHA
besides having going to class of course.

Oh n the wheather there is fucking hot!
There's no need for tanning.ull go black there.HAHA

I now conclude that.Spending my weekends there is a big NO NO for me.HAHA :D

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


As u see from the picture above.Ull always hear ppl say how important it is to live life to the not denying it.Its true.Have fun, strive to be happy.Who doesnt want to do that?Life is hard.Very hard.

People bullshitting u here and there.
Ur parents asking u a lot of stupid question.Are u under any kind of drugs?Are u watching porn?making out?Fuck it.U dont get to see ur friends as often as u see them back in school.
I always thot that the teachers were wrong.

I always thought that school sucked.Big time.Thats why we often skipped school.Looking back.Oh how i wish i could take it all back.Smoking together in the bathrooms.Playing football together.Laugh at other people. :'') sucks.i fucking hate people ere.not all of em.some of them.i mean most of them.HAHA.Some of em r u just to too stupid.HAHA.Im allergic to bullshit.sorry.

Everybody wants happiness

Nobody wants pain
But you can't have a rainbow
Without a little rain