Thursday, March 25, 2010

Estoy en casa

Im home :)
HAHA.Im so very happy to be out from that shithole.
U av no idea what its like to be staying in UiTM Perak during the weekends.
Its crazy.All u could do is sleep ur ass off till evening.
U'll be stressed out.Smoking two or three packets of cigarettes a day.
What a waste of money.HAHA
Itll be worse if all ur roomates went home.
U'll be staying in the room all by urself.All numb n blur.Wondering what kind of shit will happen today.
Locked up from the outside world.Its scary as shit.
Im thankful for my friends there.All i look forward into going back there is seeing them.HAHA
besides having going to class of course.

Oh n the wheather there is fucking hot!
There's no need for tanning.ull go black there.HAHA

I now conclude that.Spending my weekends there is a big NO NO for me.HAHA :D

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