Wednesday, December 23, 2009

D e m a m

They say that the second wave of the H1N1 virus is coming.
I say, bullshit.and i ended up in a fever.
Its so irritating to be caught in a fever.It sucks big time.
Bangun2 tido hingus kering keliling hidung.Before tido hingus meleleh macam paip bocor.
Ur breathing becomes warmer.Ull start aving sore throats as if uve just had a deepthroat blowjob.
Ure head feels like exploding.Im thankful that its not H1N1.
I heard that its a very dangerous virus.

Ppl, please do not take slightly of this H1N1 virus.It may seem stupid.
But h1N1 virus.Or a variant of H1N1 virus.The Spanish Flu had killed some 50 million-100 million ppl worldwide from 1918 to 1919.

Stop with the pigs.Stop eating them.Its disgusting.May god have mercy on ur soul when u do av that virus.euww.pigs.

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  1. kaw demam pun nk gtaw?
    ilek jan
    kaw demam rindu awek kaw