Friday, December 25, 2009

P e n a n g

Hello para pembaca,haha babi.macam ada org baca je.
Saje nak bgtau.Im now in Penang.Gosh i fucking hate Penang so very much.
I used to love it though.Now all i could think of is home.Penang is so boring except the food :)
Penang is very small actually.The worse thing bout Penang is the way ppl drove their car there.
Theyre very famous when it comes to their driving habit.Bawak mcm sial.Kiasu!x pikir org lain.
Next time if ur in Penang,forget about using ur horn.
Just rolled down the window n just show them ur middle finger.
Body language are more effective here in Penang.
Penang is so far from home.That's another reason to hate.
Driving 4 hours.kepala babi dia.penat sial.

Oh yea.n Penang is populated by Chinese majoritily(is that even a word?idk)
Lets not be racist ppl.If u hate em.keep it to urself.I u wanna like em,go watch Gaduh.
Gaduh is a stupid Malay movie about some anti-racist bullshit.keep it real.One Malaysia.pfft.


  1. ahaha..
    bongok a ko jan..
    ko kat pnang?
    bwak souvenir utk aku doh!

  2. haha ada lah orang baca, I :)

  3. u baca baby?omg yeay!thanks love <3 i miss u so much.

    mai:nak souvenir?tahi anjing besepah sini.nak?haha

  4. ke nk kne penyepak yg kaw2 nye x dr aku?
    blah aaaa..
    mcm ni kn member.. ahahhaha

  5. penang xde shia mmg la x bes
    tp penang bes dow
    syurga makanan