Thursday, December 3, 2009

H e l l o

Hello :)
My name is Hamizan.Im new with this blog thingy.
Before this, ive always sense the presence of gayness in a guy, any guy who blogs.HAHA
But now, maturely speaking.I tink blogging is cool.HAHA.shit.
So yeah, again, im new with this shit so sila beri tunjuk ajar 0:)

Do follow me!This is going to be so osem!

Oh and u might be wondering what the bolded word osem means, its 'awesome'.


  1. osem do main blog
    we should hv started earlier dow
    haha bpk jakun

  2. blogging ni memang cool.tak dapat dinafikan.hehe

  3. haha lets do this shit! lol
    too many shits in this post